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Traçim and Qualist have co-created Bridge Emission Module within the framework of the Industrial Air Pollution Control Regulation of 2009. However, the software only took into account the measurement averages of 48 hour and monthly intervals. Besides, it could only retrospectively display these rates on one screen.

As the software couldn’t meet the requirements of the Continuous Emissions Measurement Systems Declaration of 2012, we have developed Bridge Chimney in cooperation with Traçim. The new software can record the sensors’ averages: on half-hourly, hourly, daily, twice-daily, monthly and annual bases. Our systems also introduce additional functions regarding the status of the facility and KAL3 measurements recording and reporting.

We offer you Qualist GreenChimney along with GreenChimney Listener to be setup in the facilities and GreenChimney Manager to be setup in the Provincial Environmental Directorates. Our systems will efficiently meet the facilities’ and the Ministry’s requirements within the scope of the CEMS Declaration.

Qualist GreenChimney functions in the following fashion: facility’s Listener, which works independently on the basis of distributed data collection architecture, periodically transmits data to the Manager in the related Provincial Environmental Directorate. Listeners are installed directly into the chimney CEMS system under highly secure custom design servers. No undesired external interventions. Continuous recording of data received from sensors. Transmission of averages and other required data, in communication with Manager servers, to centers through secure remote connection.

Instant access to data by Provincial Environmental Directorates. Just one-click to download inspection reports.

Ömür Kalkan / Senior Software Engineer